When it began to require too much effort, I decided to take a brief hiatus for these few weeks. There will be no update on Instagram, Facebook, Wechat moment, Whatsapp status and Twitter from me. Sampai bila? Entah. Sampai a miracle happen. Sampai ada good news, perhaps?

Aku cuma nak bagi ruang pada orang-orang sekeliling bernafas tanpa aku. Biar orang-orang hidup sehari-hari tanpa muncul nama aku di mana-mana social media. Let them feel relief and not feel annoyed with my existence. 

Well, do they care and will notice my absence?
Do they even need me to be existed in their day and night?
Do they?


Updated : Percubaan on hiatus adalah failed. Maybe boleh kata tak applicable for Instagram. Kahkah.

Februari 2016
Rumah kecil aku

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